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Is 2014 The Year Of The NZ Newspaper Paywall?

Is 2014 the year when the leading New Zealand newspaper websites (i.e. and put up paywalls and begin charging Kiwis for access to content? Those in the know seem to think so: In a May 2013 NZ Herald … Continue reading

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Fairfax and APN have both just released financial updates. The main points: Fairfax Media revenues for the second half of the July 2010-June 2011 financial year (measured on an as reported basis) are currently 4.5% lower than last year While … Continue reading

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Every Eyeball Matters

While some newspapers globally are agonising over the killing fields of the internet and whether paywalls can solve the problem of fiscal death by click, others have joined magazines in a whole new approach to the digital dilemma: add online … Continue reading

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Shock! Horror! Readership Results

So the latest magazine and newspaper readership and circulation figures are out and most publications’ numbers are down. Quelle surprise! And with a recession on, too — go figure. Let’s put the bloodbath into some sort of context. Based on … Continue reading

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Readership Wrangle Across The Ditch

Little bit of a stoush over in Oz, with News Limited chairman and chief executive John Hartigan accusing Roy Morgan Research of setting out to destroy an attempt by newspaper publishers to find an alternative readership measurement system. In an … Continue reading

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Newspapers Debate: "What do we do about Google?"

The World Association of Newspapers (WAN) asks the question — and offers a potentially fiery debate — at its upcoming World Newspaper Congress in Hyderabad India (December 1-3). Should we, asks WAN: Applaud our gains in web site traffic? Develop … Continue reading

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The Herald Sees Red (Bull)

Coming in early January to the pages of the NZ Herald: The Red Bulletin. This self-described “almost independent monthly magazine” is, in case you didn’t pick from the cover shot, a lifestyle magazine powered by Red Bull. Want to know … Continue reading

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Dear Mr Murdoch – Talk To Mr Jobs

That little problem that Rupert Murdoch has — the one about the Internet tearing his business plan to shreds? Perhaps he should have a chat to Steve Jobs about selling newspapers through iTunes. Clearly Si Newhouse (publisher of Condé Nast … Continue reading

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NZ Herald Goes Window-Shopping

The New Zealand Herald has developed a new product that it’s been pitching to advertisers over the past week or so (but which will only proceed if there’s sufficient interest/dollars). The new title is called the NZ SHOPPING GUIDE and … Continue reading

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NBR Battles Against The Tide

The National Business Review (NBR), well used to looking at a variety of business models, is now trying out a new one of its own: a new paid online Subscriber Only Content service to augment its regular news service. NBR … Continue reading

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